Tolerate or Love?

Recidivism is horrible on a therapist, backslides must also be painful to watch. On the other end of the spectrum, perceived or stated tolerance – that is actually disgusting.

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The Child that Returns

I began to pray how I was meant and with a mind that was clear. Step by step I walked out, the world’s circumstances don’t stop. You reap what you sow, it takes time to show God that you are indeed not just faithful to him, but faithful to his lessons and word.

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In Turn, You Will be.

At some points the creations of man have wrecking balls and well as building cranes. We put our creations into the world and at some point whether purposefully or not can fall into the arms of evil as well as good. Unintended harm is in the eye of the beholder.

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Acceptance 6.0

The framework of the human psyche since the fall of mankind has been set to frustration. We are not pleased with ourselves, good has never been good enough. We were rejected, lost, given to a life that was not our own, or so we feel. We assume the placement in this world is unfair. We […]

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hands of another

Where were you in that moment when you were desperate? How did you traverse the depths of your sadness? What did it take to climb out of the shadows of your life? Why were you there? It takes more energy to climb than to descend. The smile that grows requires less than the grimace you […]

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Oakland Cemetery, Atlanta, GA

The following text was taken from the Cemetery Foundation Website, which can be found at this address: Historic Oakland Cemetery Foundation City fathers purchased six acres in 1850 to be a public burial ground for a young but fast-growing town that already had a population of more than 2,500. It was designed as a rural […]

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